Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angermann, Arend Heinrich  20 Oct 1806Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3254
2 Angermann, Caroline Louisa Christine  7 Sep 1809Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3255
3 Angermann, Friedrich Heinrich  23 Jan 1846Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3257
4 Angermann, Johann Diederich  6 Mar 1795Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3253
5 Angermann, Johann Friedrich  25 Jan 1801Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1655
6 Angermann, Louise Caroline  8 Aug 1849Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3258
7 Basche, Luise Elisabeth Charlotte  10 Jun 1859Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1673
8 Budde, Greta Elisabeth  11 Jan 1728Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1629
9 Budde, Johann Heinrich  24 Oct 1792Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1666
10 Dirksmeier, Heinrich  28 Aug 1890Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1860
11 Heuer, [--?--]  28 Apr 1840Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7829
12 Heuer, Carl  18 Jul 1832Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7498
13 Heuer, Caroline Christine Charlotte  14 Nov 1867Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7490
14 Heuer, Christine Elisabeth  17 Feb 1828Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7826
15 Heuer, Christine Louise Amalia  22 Feb 1835Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7828
16 Heuer, Christine Luise Amalie  14 Nov 1863Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1836
17 Heuer, Christine Wilhelmine  20 Sep 1823Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7824
18 Heuer, Friederike Luise  9 Feb 1844Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7832
19 Heuer, Friederike Luise Elisabeth  21 Feb 1819Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7822
20 Heuer, Friederike Luise Elisabeth  6 Apr 1861Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7831
21 Heuer, Heinrich Friedrich Dietrich  21 Feb 1830Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7827
22 Heuer, Hermann  3 Dec 1825Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7825
23 Heuer, Hermann Friedrich Karl August  18 Sep 1865Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7501
24 Heuer, Johann Friedrich Christoph  26 Mar 1821Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7823
25 Heuer, Karoline Wilhelmine Luise  11 May 1903Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7513
26 Heuer, Louisa Christina Elisabeth  18 Oct 1815Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7820
27 Heuer, Louisa Friederika  24 Nov 1816Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7821
28 Heuer, Ludolf  4 Nov 1787Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7816
29 Heuer, Luise Hermine Christine  3 Oct 1862Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7500
30 Heuer, Pauline Luise  24 Apr 1898Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7489
31 Kleinsorge, Caroline Christine Louise  20 Aug 1868Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1692
32 Kleinsorge, Fritz  22 Jul 1899Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1695
33 Kleinsorge, Heinrich Hermann  29 Dec 1830Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1625
34 Kleinsorge, Hermann Heinrich Friedrich Adolph  14 Sep 1865Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1691
35 Kleinsorge, Louise  12 Jun 1864Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1690
36 Krugmeier, August Heinrich Hermann Karl  7 Oct 1902Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7506
37 Krugmeier, Dorothea Sophia Justine  9 Jul 1835Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1627
38 Krugmeier, Emma Luise Henriette  21 Jul 1900Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1834
39 Krugmeier, Friedrich Heinrich Hermann  28 Jul 1858Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1835
40 Krugmeier, Karoline Wilhelmine  25 Nov 1906Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7507
41 Krumsiek, Elisabeth Katharine  29 Jan 1786Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1639
42 Lange, Franz Heinrich  12 Jun 1803Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1667
43 Leonhard oder Brie, Arend Heinrich Hans Hermann  8 Feb 1813Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1647
44 Leonhard oder Brie, Hermann Friedrich  Jun 1846Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3297
45 Leonhard oder Brie, Sophie Louise Christine  13 May 1851Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3298
46 Meier, Amalia  28 Aug 1772Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1637
47 Meier, Emma Dorothee Helmine  9 Feb 1900Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1833
48 Meier, Fritz  11 Jul 1894Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1831
49 Meier, Hermann Friedrich  6 Nov 1863Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1830
50 Meier, Luise Wilhelmine Christine  15 Feb 1898Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1832
51 Meßmacher, Elisabeth  16 Feb 1755Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1591
52 Niere, Fritz  19 Oct 1897Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1843
53 Niere, Karoline Christine Luise  23 Jun 1875Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1852
54 Räker, Hermann Heinrich  14 Sep 1882Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3295
55 Räker, Hermann Heinrich Friedrich Gottlieb  15 Apr 1877Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3293
56 Räker, Wilhelmine Sophie Lucia  25 Apr 1880Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3294
57 Ridder, Elisabeth  28 Oct 1800Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1250
58 Sölter, August  27 Jul 1840Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7840
59 Sölter, Christine Charlotte  17 Jul 1835Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7836
60 Sölter, Hans Heinrich  30 Sep 1832Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7834
61 Sölter, Hans Hermann Karl  14 Aug 1843Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7841
62 Sölter, Hermann  10 Nov 1837Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7838
63 Sölter, Johann Friedrich  28 Dec 1827Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7833
64 Sölter, Luise Christine  21 Mar 1830Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7499
65 Staperfenne, Dorothea  8 Mar 1794Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7817
66 Starkebaum, Amalia Hedewig  12 Apr 1767Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1653
67 Starkebaum, Anna Catharina Friderike  23 Oct 1797Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1652
68 Starkebaum, Anna Christine Elisabeth  25 Oct 1795Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1658
69 Starkebaum, Anna Christine Ilsabein  30 Dec 1760Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1634
70 Starkebaum, Anna Maria Christine  14 Apr 1797Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1659
71 Starkebaum, Anna Maria Elisabeth  27 Mar 1793Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1650
72 Starkebaum, Christine Elisabeth  25 Apr 1810Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1644
73 Starkebaum, Christine Friderike  24 Aug 1804Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1663
74 Starkebaum, Franz Heinrich  21 Oct 1791Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1641
75 Starkebaum, Franz Henrich  14 Jan 1795Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1651
76 Starkebaum, Friederike Christine  4 Feb 1814Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1645
77 Starkebaum, Friederike Dorothee  24 May 1812Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1665
78 Starkebaum, Friederike Ilsabein  25 Jan 1799Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1660
79 Starkebaum, Friederike Louise Elisabeth  11 Jan 1829Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1585
80 Starkebaum, Friederike Louise Wilhelmine  28 Aug 1802Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1662
81 Starkebaum, Friederike Wilhelmine Elisabeth  7 Mar 1811Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1664
82 Starkebaum, Friedrich Heinrich  7 Mar 1830Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1586
83 Starkebaum, Hans Heinrich  23 Dec 1823Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1670
84 Starkebaum, Hans Hermann August  6 May 1843Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1589
85 Starkebaum, Heinrich  25 Feb 1912Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1859
86 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friederich L.  1 Jul 1838Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I869
87 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich August\Hermann  12 Aug 1862Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1826
88 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann  8 Jan 1861Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1672
89 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann  26 Aug 1898Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1857
90 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann August  5 Aug 1893Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1675
91 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann  16 Apr 1797Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1642
92 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann  15 Apr 1800Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1249
93 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann  9 Dec 1834Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1588
94 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann Friedrich  6 Feb 1762Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1635
95 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann Friedrich Konrad  22 Sep 1870Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1828
96 Starkebaum, Hermann Friedrich  4 Nov 1821Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1669
97 Starkebaum, Hermann Friedrich  3 Oct 1841Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1896
98 Starkebaum, Hermann Heinrich  7 Mar 1788Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1638
99 Starkebaum, Hermann Henrich  23 Jul 1732Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1628
100 Starkebaum, Jobst Henrich  17 Apr 1800Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1661
101 Starkebaum, Johann Bernhard  17 Mar 1770Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1656
102 Starkebaum, Johann Friedrich  9 May 1807Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1643
103 Starkebaum, Karoline Christine Auguste Dorothee Justine  11 Oct 1901Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1858
104 Starkebaum, Karoline Wilhelmine Louise  30 Apr 1866Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1827
105 Starkebaum, Konrad Johann Ludolph  3 Jul 1763Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1590
106 Starkebaum, Louise Friederike Henriette  27 Jun 1826Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1584
107 Starkebaum, Luise Christine Elisabeth  22 Sep 1870Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1829
108 Starkebaum, Luise Wilhelmine Christine  9 Sep 1896Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1855
109 Starkebaum, Marie Christine Elisabeth  10 Oct 1818Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1646
110 Starkebaum, Marie Luise Elisabeth  2 May 1818Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1668
111 Starkebaum, Wilhelmine Christine Marie  8 Oct 1891Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1674
112 Starkebaum, Wilhelmine Karoline Luise  25 Aug 1898Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1856
113 Strate, Friedrich  7 Mar 1830Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3300
114 Strate, Heinrich Friedrich Conrad  13 Feb 1859Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3301
115 Strate, Heinrich Friedrich Deitrich  18 Jan 1861Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3302
116 Strate, Heinrich Hans Hermann  4 Oct 1826Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3305
117 Strate, Hermann Heinrich  15 Oct 1864Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3304
118 Strate, Louise Wilhelmine Christine  3 Oct 1862Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3303
119 Unverzagt, Friederike Luise  28 Nov 1819Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1671
120 Unverzagt, Johann Friedrich  15 Jan 1781Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1688
121 Unverzagt, Louise Christine Elisabeth  31 Oct 1836Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angermann, Johann Diederich  5 Oct 1796Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3253
2 Angermann, Johann Friedrich  27 Jul 1850Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1655
3 Budde, Greta Elisabeth  16 Mar 1796Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1629
4 Budde, Johann Heinrich  14 Apr 1863Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1666
5 Habermann, Sophie Amalia  9 Oct 1885Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3289
6 Heuer, [--?--]  3 May 1840Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7829
7 Heuer, Carl  14 Dec 1913Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7498
8 Heuer, Friederike Luise Elisabeth  4 Mar 1866Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7831
9 Heuer, Hermann  21 May 1874Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7825
10 Heuer, Louisa Friederika  8 Nov 1884Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7821
11 Heuer, Ludolf  10 Mar 1859Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7816
12 Heuer, Luise Hermine Christine  26 Oct 1862Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7500
13 Kleinsorge, Caroline Christine Louise  29 Mar 1891Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1692
14 Kleinsorge, Heinrich Hermann  25 Oct 1903Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1625
15 Kleinsorge, Louise  18 Jun 1864Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1690
16 Krugmeier, Dorothea Sophia Justine  21 Jun 1910Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1627
17 Krumsiek, Elisabeth Katharine  27 May 1839Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1639
18 Kulemann, Luise Dorothee  3 Feb 1877Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1640
19 Lange, Franz Heinrich  9 Feb 1857Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1667
20 Meier, Amalia  27 Mar 1850Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1637
21 Meßmacher, Elisabeth  7 Apr 1827Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1591
22 Meßmacher, Lisabeth  23 Mar 1768Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1631
23 Meyer, Anna Louise  21 Feb 1805Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1636
24 Ridder, Elisabeth  20 Apr 1872Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1250
25 Schäferhenrich, Luise  9 Dec 1894Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1693
26 Sölter, August  28 Jun 1852Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7840
27 Sölter, Hans Heinrich  9 May 1871Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7834
28 Sölter, Luise Christine  3 Jun 1913Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7499
29 Staperfenne, Dorothea  26 Nov 1872Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I7817
30 Starkebaum, Amalia Hedewig  10 Jun 1818Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1653
31 Starkebaum, Anna Catharina Friderike  16 Feb 1800Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1652
32 Starkebaum, Anna Christine Elisabeth  10 Dec 1795Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1658
33 Starkebaum, Anna Maria Christine  2 Apr 1875Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1659
34 Starkebaum, Anna Maria Elisabeth  9 May 1858Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1650
35 Starkebaum, Christine Elisabeth  11 Nov 1865Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1644
36 Starkebaum, Christine Friderike  1804Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1663
37 Starkebaum, Friederike Christine  18 Dec 1894Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1645
38 Starkebaum, Friederike Louise Elisabeth  26 Jan 1829Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1585
39 Starkebaum, Friederike Louise Wilhelmine  11 Oct 1879Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1662
40 Starkebaum, Friederike Wilhelmine Elisabeth  16 Mar 1811Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1664
41 Starkebaum, Hans Heinrich  9 Apr 1867Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1670
42 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich August\Hermann  1 Jul 1869Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1826
43 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann  26 Mar 1899Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1857
44 Starkebaum, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann  30 Dec 1917Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1672
45 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann  13 Mar 1806Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1642
46 Starkebaum, Heinrich Hermann  9 Apr 1865Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1249
47 Starkebaum, Hermann Heinrich  15 Dec 1871Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1638
48 Starkebaum, Hermann Henrich  9 Apr 1791Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1628
49 Starkebaum, Johann Bernhard  3 Jun 1818Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1656
50 Starkebaum, Johann Friedrich  29 Aug 1885Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1643
51 Starkebaum, Konrad Johann Ludolph  7 Mar 1807Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1590
52 Starkebaum, Louise Friederike Henriette  13 Jul 1878Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1584
53 Starkebaum, Ludolph  19 Jun 1733Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1630
54 Starkebaum, Luise Christine Elisabeth  25 Dec 1872Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1829
55 Strate, Friedrich  14 Nov 1865Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3300
56 Strate, Heinrich Friedrich Deitrich  13 Jun 1861Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3302
57 Unverzagt, Friederike Luise  1 Dec 1880Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1671
58 Unverzagt, Johann Friedrich  17 Feb 1839Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1688
59 Unverzagt, Louise Christine Elisabeth  10 Sep 1883Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Starkebaum, Franz Heinrich  26 Oct 1791Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1641
2 Starkebaum, Hans Hermann August  Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1589


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID 
1 Starkebaum, Anna Maria Christine  1811Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1659
2 Starkebaum, Friederike Dorothee  1827Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1665
3 Starkebaum, Friederike Louise Wilhelmine  1817Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I1662


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Starkebaum, Amalie Henriette  Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe I3290


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angermann / Küster  12 May 1845Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1058
2 Angermann / Starkebaum  18 Apr 1794Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F552
3 Borchers / Strate  1 Nov 1896Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1072
4 Budde / Starkebaum  19 Oct 1823Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F554
5 Dirksmeier / Starkebaum  28 Oct 1917Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F611
6 Kleinsorge / Schäferhenrich  10 Jan 1890Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F564
7 Kleinsorge / Schelp  17 Feb 1899Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F565
8 Kleinsorge / Starkebaum  7 Aug 1863Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F540
9 Krugmeier / Heuer  29 Jan 1889Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F602
10 Lange / Starkebaum  18 Oct 1835Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F555
11 Leonhard oder Brie / Starkebaum  10 Aug 1845Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F550
12 Meier / Starkebaum  13 Nov 1892Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F600
13 Pulsmeier / Strate  2 Aug 1896Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1073
14 Schoppe / Angermann  24 Jan 1879Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1059
15 Sölter / Hinkemeier  2 Apr 1826Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F2519
16 Sölter / Weber  9 Mar 1862Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F2522
17 Starkebaum / Basche  2 Nov 1890Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F557
18 Starkebaum / Budde  30 May 1759Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F543
19 Starkebaum / Krugmeier  3 Dec 1865Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F542
20 Starkebaum / Krumsiek  2 Feb 1817Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F548
21 Starkebaum / Kulemann  6 Oct 1839Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F549
22 Starkebaum / Meier  7 Jul 1805Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F547
23 Starkebaum / Meßmacher  9 Oct 1729Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F544
24 Starkebaum / Meßmacher  15 Apr 1792Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F523
25 Starkebaum / Meyer  9 Dec 1787Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F546
26 Starkebaum / Niere  8 Mar 1896Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F609
27 Starkebaum / Ridder  30 Apr 1826Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F408
28 Starkebaum / Schmid  18 Feb 1821Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F563
29 Starkebaum / Strate oder Fischer  26 Apr 1795Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F553
30 Starkebaum / Unverzagt  27 Oct 1859Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F556
31 Strate / Drave  29 Apr 1866Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1075
32 Strate / Tegler  6 Sep 1885Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1074
33 Strate / Unverzagt  29 Oct 1858Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F1070
34 Unverzagt / Starkebaum  24 Jun 1831Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe F562