6 August 2016

Associated Families

Below, is a selection of only some of the surnames associated with the Fiegenbaum family tree. The list is not complete; it is impractical to enumerate everyone who has some connection by blood or marriage. The individuals in this list have meet some admittedly arbitrary criteria. By and large, they have been selected because:

The list presents the names of people who at some point in time married someone in the family whose surname was Fiegenbaum. The date and place of the marriage is mentioned, if that information is known. Some dates are preceded by the symbol ±, indicating I have made an estimate. Usually this is based on the date of birth for the first known child of the couple. If a date or place is accompanied by a question mark (?), this indicates an additional degree of speculation on my part.

Search the Database

You may find it easier and more efficient to search Fiegenbaum Family Genealogical Database, which contains information on everyone I know who is related to us in one way or another. The database is available at two locations.

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  1. One copy of the database resides on this web site. You can access it at any time from the Database link in the main navigation menu on each page of the Genealogy Section.
  2. The same information is also available in a slightly different format in the database hosted by the WorldConnect Project at RootsWeb.com.

A List of Selected Surnames

The date and place of marriage is provided, if known or inferred.