2 October 2016

Family Photos

Who is That?

Photos of…

Welcome to our family Photo Album. The photographs is this collection come from many sources. Please take note of the many generous contributors who have given us permission to share their images with you.

Many of the photos in this collection were taken at a time and place that cannot be completely identified. Some include people whose names have been forgotten. If you can help solve these mysteries, or, if you know of a story behind a picture, I encourage you to contact me.

If you have photos you would like to add to this collection, I am always happy to consider new submissions. The About Our Project web page will explain in more detail the goals and guidelines I have for this web site.

In the hopes of imposing a small amount of order on the photos, I have organized them into three general categories:

Within the People category, the list of names is organized in the following order:

  1. alphabetically by surname, and then...
  2. alphabetically by first known given name

Women in our family history may be listed in the People section by:

Photos in the People section relating to a couple or a family have been listed by either of the following ways:



A – B

C – E



H – M

N – R

S – T

U – W