7 January 2016

A Family Time Line

Family Event Date World Event
  • Village of Ladbergen (spelled Lacbergeon) in northwest Germany was mentioned in the records of Freckenhorst Convent, east of Münster.
  • Thirty Years' War. During the conflict, large areas of Germany were laid waste; about 8 million people died (as high as 75% of the population in some areas); general impoverishment; famine and disease.
  • Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia under the Great Elector, Friederich Wilhelm.
  • The Peace of Westphalia was signed at Münster & Osnabrück.
  • Henrich Fiegenbaum was born about this time at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • War of Devolution - France battled Spain, the Dutch Republic, England and Sweden in the Spanish Netherlands, the Franche-Comté, and northern Catalonia. The bickering returned in the Franco-Dutch War.
  • 1668: Oder-Spree Canal completed.
  • Buxtehude became organist of St. Marienkirke, at Lübeck.
  • Gerdt Fiegenbaum born about this time at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Treaties of Nijmegen ended the Franco-Dutch War (1672-1678).
  • Weaving mill with 100 looms established in Amsterdam.
  • René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-1687), reached the mouth of the Mississippi River & claimed the basin as La Louisiane for France.
  • Louis XIV (France) waged war in the Palatinate; Baden-Baden was burnt; Heidelberg Castle was destroyed.
  • War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714).
  • Frederick III, Margrave and Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia crowned himself Frederick I, the first King in Prussia (1701-1713).
  • Antoine Laumet de la Mothe Cadillac (1656-1730) founded the settlement that became Detroit, Michigan, USA.
  • Gerdt Fiegenbaum & Gertrude Bremer married in Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Grafschaft Tecklenburg was sold to Frederick III, Elector-Margrave of Brandenburg & Frederick I, King in Prussia. Ladbergen, home of the Fiegenbaum family, was still located politically in Grafschaft Tecklenburg, but the administration of that holding changed noticeably.
  • The earliest record of the Fiegenbaums in the archives of the evangelical church at Ladbergen recorded that "die alte Fiegenbaum" died in 1715. This woman's maiden name & date of birth were not mentioned The fact that she was identified simply as "old lady Fiegenbaum" seems to imply that there was no one else in the village who could answer to such a description.
  • Iron plant was built near Fredericksburg, Virginia & the town of Germanna was established for workers, most of whom were German.
  • Prussia declared war on Sweden.
  • Gerdt Fiegenbaum & Christine Meckstroth married on 3 April at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Holy Roman Empire declared war on Turkey.
  • Johann J. Fiegenbaum & Anna Diemeiers married on 5 October in Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Treaty of Vienna.
  • English factory workers were forbidden to emigrate to American colonies.
  • Benjamin Franklin established a circulating library at Philadelphia.
  • Johann Jacob Fiegenbaum & Christine Schowe married on 26 September in Grafschaft Tecklenburg
  • James Ogelthorpe was granted a charter for a colony in Georgia; he founded Savannah in 1733.
  • New York City built a bowling green for ninepins (the sport reached peak of popularity in 1840).
  • Flying shuttle was patented, allowing for the weaving of wider cloth and the automation of looms.
  • War of Austrian Succession.
  • Anna Katharina Fiegenbaum & Johann Kötters married on 17 February in Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Herman Wiethoff married on 28 February in Grafschaft Tecklenburg. Herman adopted the Fiegenbaum surname.
  • French explorers reached the Rocky Mountains. Native Americans wondered why the Intruders were making such a fuss.
  • Treaty of Worms was signed in September.
  • Thomas Jefferson was born on 13 April.
  • Toussaint Louverture was born on 20 May (died 7 April 1803).
  • Tonies Manuel Fiegenbaum & Enneke Kutemeier married on 17 February 1744 or 1745 at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • 1744: The oldest surviving rules of golf were compiled at Leith, Scotland for the Company of Gentlemen Golfers. Weekends have never been the same.
  • 1745: Frederick the Great won the Battle of Hohenfriedberg against the Austrian army.
  • 3 Fiegenbaums died within the span of 2 months in 1758 at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Seven Years' War - disease & famine were widespread in Westphalia, Prussia. The North American component of the conflict was called the French & Indian War (1754-1763).
  • Dorothea C. (Leporin) Erxleben was first woman to receive a medical degree from a German university (Halle).
  • Johann Hermann Fiegenbaum & Catharina Elisabeth Grotholtmann married on 14 August at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Treaty of Paris marked the end of the Seven Years' War in Europe & the French & Indian War in North America.
  • Frederick the Great established village schools in Prussia.
  • The spinning jenny was invented in England.
  • The settlement was established that would become known as the city of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • James Smithson born (died 27 June 1929) - his bequest funded the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, D.C.
  • Christina Lisabeth Fiegenbaum & Jürgen Heinrich Fennemann married on 20 October in Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. American colonies protested.
  • The potato became a popular crop in Europe.
  • The Bank of Prussia was founded.
  • Anna Elsabein Fiegenbaum & Johann Christian Suhrhenrich married on 9 March in Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • J. C. Bach performed the first public piano solo heard in England
  • Citizens of Boston, Massachusetts refused to quarter British troops.
  • Anna Catharina Liesabeth Fiegenbaum & Conrad Heinrich Elshove married on 3 September at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Louis Antoine de Bougainville completed a 3-year circumnavigation of the world. A member of the expedition was was Jeanne Baré, the first woman known to have completed a circumnavigation.
  • Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Anna Elsabein Grotholtmann married on 5 August at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Boston Massacre.
  • James Cook mapped New Zealand.
  • Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI of France.
  • Captain James Cook was the first European explorer to cross the Antarctic Circle.
  • The Boston Tea Party was the highlight of the social season. The British were not invited.
  • Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Anna Christine Katharina Horstmeier married on 20 November at Lienen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Invention of steam-powered loom; & chlorine bleach.
  • Frederick II created Fürstenbund.
  • Regular stagecoach routes established in USA between New York, Boston & Philadelphia.
  • 1st U.S. census was conducted officially on 2 August. The population of 13 states was 3,929,214. The population of major cities: New York = 33,131; Philadelphia = 28,522; Boston = 18,320.
  • The District of Columbia was established as the capital district of the United States.
  • Benjamin Franklin died on 17 April at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Naturalization Act of 1790 limited U.S. citizenship to free white persons of good character who have been residents of the USA for two years.
  • U.S. Post Office Department was established on 20 February.
  • Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Anna Catharine Elisabeth Nüssemeier married on 5 June at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI were executed.
  • U.S. Congress passed Fugitive Slave Act.
  • Alexander McKenzie crossed Canada from coast to coast.
  • In October, U.S. federal troops ended the "Whiskey Rebellion" after distillers in the Appalachian region resisted paying a tax on distilled spirits.
  • On 14 March, Eli Whitney was granted a patent for the cotton gin, which cleaned seeds from cotton. The cotton industry was revived.
  • Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Johann Wilhelm Heinrich Weitkamp married in 1795 at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill opened - the first state university in the U.S.A.
  • France adopted the metric system.
  • Johann Hermann Fiegenbaum & Anna Christina Kruse married on 27 January at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • John Adams was inaugurated as U.S. President.
  • Charles Newbold patented first U.S. iron plow; many believed iron would poison the soil & increase weeds.
  • George Washington died at Mount Vernon, Virginia, on 14 December.
  • 2nd U.S. census was conducted officially on 4 August. The population of 16 states was 5,308,483 (a 35.1% increase since 1790). The population of major cities: New York City = 60,515; Philadelphia = 41,220; Baltimore = 26,514; Boston = 24,937.
  • U.S. Library of Congress was founded on 24 April.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Italy.
  • Anna Christine Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Wilhelm Heinrich Feldwisch married on 21 May at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Mathias Gerber & Barbara Voos(?) married on 12 March in Germany.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor of the French.
  • Beethoven composed the Eroica Symphony.
  • Lewis & Clark begin their expedition to map the northwest U.S. on 14 May.
  • Alexander Hamilton died on 11 July after a duel with Aaron Burr.
  • Johann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Anna Christina Elsabein Deerhake were married on 27 May at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • Everd Jacob Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Christine Elisabeth Deerhake were married on 27 May at Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg.
  • The Confederation of the Rhine was established under Napoleon's protection.
  • Holy Roman Empire was dissolved.
  • Prussia was defeated at Jena & Auerstedt.
  • Noah Webster (1758-1843) published his Compendious Dictionary of the English Language.
  • Peace of Tilsit; Prussia ceded all possessions west of the Elbe River to France.
  • Kingdom of Westphalia (1807-1813) was established under Napoleon's brother, Jérôme Bonaparte.
  • The village of Ladbergen, Grafschaft Tecklenburg, was part of the Grand Duchy of Berg (Großherzogtum Berg). The Grand Duchy, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte "in personal union," was a client state of the First French Empire.
  • Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Catherina Elsabein Hagen married on 13 July 1810 at Ladbergen, Grand Duchy of Berg.
  • 3rd U.S. census was conducted officially on 6 August. The population of 17 states was 7,239,881 (a 36.4% increase since 1800). The population of major cities: New York = 96,373; Philadelphia = 53,722; Baltimore = 46,555; Boston = 33,787.
  • Napoleon annexed Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg, Lauenburg & Lübeck.
  • Krupps iron works opened in Essen.
  • John Jacob Astor founded the Pacific Fur Company on 23 June. He gathered a fantastic fortune.
  • Ladbergen was part of the First French Empire in Arrondissement (Distrikt) Osnabrück in the Département de l’Ems-Supérieur (Departement der Ober-Ems).
  • Napoleon's Grande Armée was defeated in Russia.
  • War of 1812 began in North America.
  • Louisiana was admitted as the 18th U.S. state.
  • A magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck on 2 February near New Madrid, Missouri, USA, temporarily reversing the course of the Mississippi River.
  • Sacagawea, a Shoshone interpreter & guide to the Lewis & Clark Expedition, died.
  • Charles Dickens was born.
  • Napoleon's troops were defeated in the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig on 16-19 October. It was the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I; an estimated 80,000 to 110,000 killed or wounded.
  • U.S. forces captured York (Toronto); British troops captured Fort Niagara & burnt Buffalo, New York.
  • Paris was captured in March by Coalition forces; Napoleon was exiled to island of Elba.
  • Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Electorate of Hanover) elevated to Kingdom of Hanover in October by the Congress of Vienna.
  • British forces burnt the White House & other government buildings in Washington, D.C. on 24 August
  • Francis S. Key wrote the U.S. national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, while watching the bombardment on 13-14 September of Fort McHenry in the harbor of Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Emperor Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Deutscher Bund (German Confederation) (1815-1866) was created.
  • City of Münster became capital of the new Province of Westphalia (Provinz Westfalen), Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Ladbergen, part of the First French Empire, was returned to the Kingdom of Prussia. It became part of the Province of Westphalia.
  • Everd Jacob Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Anna Elisabeth Christine Schröer married in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Anna Elisabeth Lagemann married about 1818 at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • U.S. Congress officially adopted the thirteen stars & stripes configuration of the national flag on 4 April.
  • Adolph Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Christine Elisabeth Peterjohann married on 25 October at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. They immigrated in 1834 to the USA.
  • 4th U.S. census was conducted officially on 7 August. The population of 23 states was 9,638,453 (an increase of 33.1% since 1810). The population of major cities: New York = 123,706; Philadelphia = 63,802; Baltimore = 62,738; Boston = 43,298.
  • Missouri Compromise: Maine admitted to U.S. as free state; Missouri to be admitted to Union in 1821 as slave state.
  • Germany's population was 26 million.
  • Brazil gained independence from Portugal with the creation of the Empire of Brazil / Império do Brasil (7 September 1822 - 15 November 1889)
  • Anna Katharina Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Wilhelm Heinrich Schröer married on 17 October at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Beginning of German emigration to Brazil.
  • Portland cement patented.
  • Anna Christine Fiegenbaum & Hermann Heinrich Feldwisch married on 30 January in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Anna Catherine Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Hermann Wilhelm Wiethoff married on 9 January in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Anna Sophia Elsabein Wibbeler married on 21 September at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Russo–Turkish War of 1828–1829 began.
  • U.S. slave Isabella Baumfree (c.1797-1883) escaped slavery in New York. She became known as Sojourner Truth & in 1843 she joined the Northampton Association of Education & Industry at Northampton, Massachusetts.
  • Anna Catherine Elisabeth (Fiegenbaum) Feldwisch & Johann Wilhelm Wierwille married on 22 May in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • King's College London was founded.
  • Andrew Jackson was inaugurated as the 7th U.S. president on 4 March
  • Goyahkla (a.k.a. "Geronimo"), leader of the Chiricahua Apache, was born on 16 June (died on 17 February 1909).
  • Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Anna Christine Elsabein Vennehermann married on 24 October in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • 5th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 June. The population of 24 states was 12,860,702 (a 33.5% increase over 1820). The population of major cities: New York = 202,589; Baltimore = 80,620; Philadelphia = 80,462; Boston = 61,392.
  • U.S. poet Emily Dickinson was born on 10 December at Amherst, Massachusetts.
  • Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Anna Christina Hagen married on 6 January at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Christine Elisabeth Stork married on 17 February in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Aufderhaar married on 27 July at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. They immigrated to the USA in 1841.
  • Black Hawk War in Illinois & Michigan Territory.
  • Cholera broke out in the City of New York & spread through the country, reaching the Pacific coast by 1834; thousands died.
  • Anna Christina Elsabein (Fiegenbaum) & Hermann Heinrich Schröer married on 15 May at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. They immigrated to the USA in 1836.
  • Deutsche Evangelische Kirchegemeinde, the oldest evangelical church west of the Mississippi River, was founded at Femme Osage, St. Charles County, Missouri, USA (known since 1957 as Femme Osage United Church of Christ ).
  • Adolph Heinrich & Christine Elisabeth (Peterjohann) Fiegenbaum & their 5 children immigrated to the USA. They landed at New Orleans, Louisiana in late June & arrived at St. Louis, Missouri about 4 July.
  • German Zollverein began.
  • Slavery Abolition Act 1833 abolished slavery in most, but not all, of the British Empire.
  • Cyrus H. McCormick received a U.S. patent for his reaper.
  • Anna Christina Elsabein (Fiegenbaum) & Hermann Heinrich Schröer immigrated to the USA. They settled first at Cincinnati, Ohio before finally settling in Auglaize County, Ohio.
  • Mary Lyons founded Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary (later Mt. Holyoke College) at South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Battle of the Alamo was fought 23 February - 6 March at San Antonio, Texas, USA.
  • First & Second McGuffey's Readers were published in USA.
  • Anna Christine Elsabein Fiegenbaum & Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Bierbaum married on 13 December in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. They immigrated to the USA in 1841.
  • Prussia restricted child labor to a maximum of 10 hours a day.
  • Charles Goodyear discovered a process for vulcanized rubber; he received a U.S. patent in 1844.
  • German Lutheran Church on Charrette founded on 27 February at Holstein, Missouri, USA. The congregation changed its name in February 1848.
  • 6th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 June. The population of 26 states was 17,063,353 (a 32.7% increase since 1830). The population of major cities: New York = 312,710; Baltimore = 102,313; New Orleans = 102,193; Philadelphia = 93,665.
  • Der Deutsche Evangelische Kirchenverein des Westens (The German Evangelical Church Society of the West ) was founded on 15 October 1840 at Gravois Settlement, Missouri, USA.
  • Anna Christine Fiegenbaum & Ernst Wilhelm Langebrake married on 25 March at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Johann Heinrich & Catherina Elsabein (Hagen) Fiegenbaum & their two youngest children; daughter Anna Elisabeth & Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Aufderhaar & 3 children; daughter Anna Christine Elsabein & Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Bierbaum & 1 child immigrated to the USA. The bark Leontine arrived at Baltimore, Maryland on 28 June. The families settled in eastern Missouri.
  • British forces occupied Hong Kong on 20 January during the First Opium War.
  • U.S. Congress passed the Preemption Act of 1841, permitting most squatters who had lived on government land for at least 14 months to purchase up to 160 acres at a very low price (not less than $1.25 per acre) before the land was offered for sale to the public.
  • Christina Elisabeth Fiegenbaum & Heinrich Stephen Borgmann married on 24 February in St. Charles County, Missouri, USA.
  • Fire destroyed about a quarter of the inner city of Hamburg, Germany, on 4-8 May.
  • In March, with Commonwealth v. Hunt, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that labor unions were legal organizations & had the right to organize a strike.
  • In March, Dr. Crawford Williamson Long was the first physician to use ether as anesthesia for surgery.
  • The Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 9 August formalized the border separating the United States & Canada.
  • Heinrich Adolph Fiegenbaum (born in 1814) immigrated to the USA.
  • Victoria, British Columbia, was founded in March by the Hudson's Bay Company as a trading post & fort.
  • The Tivoli Gardens opened in August at Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, was published in December.
  • Samuel Morse received $30,000 from the U.S. Congress to build an experimental telegraph line between Baltimore, Maryland & Washington, D.C. On 24 March 1844 he sent the first message: "What hath God wrought"
  • Christine Maria Fiegenbaum & Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm Hünefeld married on 19 July at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. They immigrated in 1845 to the USA.
  • Anna Catherine Elisabeth (Fiegenbaum) & Hermann Wilhelm Wiethoff & their three sons immigrated to New Knoxville, Auglaize County, Ohio. They travelled with the family of Anna's 4th cousin, Christine Maria (Fiegenbaum) & Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm Hünefeld & their baby daughter.
  • Heinrich Hermann Fiegenbaum & Clara Catherine Kastenbudt married on 11 April at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Christina Elizabeth Fiegenbaum & Henry Frank Wellemeyer married on 22 August at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (Hamburg-America Line) was founded.
  • First U.S. postage stamps were issued in July.
  • U.S. forces under General Winfield Scott entered Mexico City on 14 September during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848).
  • Gerhard Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Anna Charlotte Dothagen married on 4 December in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Revolutions of 1848 in the states of the German Confederation; afterwards, many citizens, called Forty-Eighters, immigrated to the USA.
  • The church at Holstein, Missouri, USA changed its name in February to Die Deutsche Evangelische Kirche am Charette in Holstein (German Evangelical Church on Charrette). The name was changed again on 30 December 1883.
  • Seneca Falls Convention at Seneca Falls, New York advocated women's rights.
  • Gold was discovered on 24 January near Sutter's Fort, California.
  • Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Sophia Gusewelle married on 1 October (or 27 September) at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • St. Louis Fire on 17 May burned for 11 hours & destroyed a large part of city & many steamboats. The city was also in the midst of a cholera epidemic.
  • California Gold Rush began.
  • "Resistance to Civil Government" by Henry David Thoreau was published. It was later known as "Civil Disobedience."
  • Maria Wilhelmine Fiegenbaum & Wilhelm Winter married on 18 February at Warrenton, Missouri, USA.
  • Christine Elizabeth Fiegenbaum & Johann Heinrich Haverkamp married on 2 April at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia.
  • 7th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 June. The population of 30 states was 23,191,876 (a 35.9% increase over 1840). The population of major cities: New York = 515,547; Baltimore = 169,054; Boston = 136,181; Philadelphia = 121,376.
  • Das Deutsche Evangelische Predigerseminar (German Evangelical Preachers Seminary) opened near Marthasville, Missouri, USA. This educational instituion of the German Evangelical Church became the present-day Eden Theological Seminary, at Webster Groves, Missouri.
  • The Fugitive Slave Act was passed in the USA allowing for slaves brought to free states to be returned to their owners.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Louisa Otto married on 11 April at Wapello, Iowa, USA.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, was published.
  • Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company got started in February at South Bend, Indiana, USA.
  • Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Wilhelmine Florentine Charlotte Wehrmann married on 18 February in Warren County, Missouri, USA.
  • Crimean War began in October (until February 1856). Florence Nightingale gained recognition for pioneering sanitary medical conditions.
  • Vincent van Gogh was born (died in 1890)
  • With the Gadsden Purchase in December, the U.S. bought land in the southwest from Mexico.
  • Friedrich Francis Bernhard Fiegenbaum & Anna Katherine Elizabeth Dammerman married on 27 March at Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • 40,000-year-old human remains were discovered in the Neanderthal valley in present-day North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
  • Sacking of Lawrence, Kansas, USA in May; part of ani- & pro-slavery violence in Kansas Territory & western Missouri (1854-1858).
  • Gail Borden, Jr. (1801-1874) received a U.S. patent for condensed milk, an important field ration for U.S. soldiers in the Civil War.
  • In May, Congressman Preston Brooks (South Carolina) beat Senator Charles Sumner (Massachusetts) with a cane in the U.S. Senate.
  • Booker T. Washington was born in April (died in 1915).
  • Christina Sophia Elizabeth Fiegenbaum & Ernest W. Langebrake married on 7 May at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. Their six oldest children were born at Ladbergen; the two youngest were born near Holland, Indiana, USA.
  • Sepoy Rebellion began in India.
  • On 6 March, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott v. Sandford that people of African descent brought into the United States & held as slaves were not protected by the Constitution & could never be U.S. citizens; that the U.S. Congress had no authority to prohibit slavery in federal territories; that because slaves were not citizens, they could not sue in court; and, that slaves, as chattels or private property, could not be taken away from their owners without due process.
  • Elisha Otis installed the first elevator in the U.S. on 23 March.
  • George Jacob Gerber & Franziska Müller married in the Grand Duchy of Baden.
  • Ernest Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Sophia Elisabeth Berelmann married on 22 October at Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. They immigrated in 1869 to the Empire of Brazil.
  • Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state of the USA.
  • Pike's Peak Gold Rush began in U.S. west.
  • French warships attacked & occupied Da Nang in Vietnam.
  • Max Planck was born.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was born.
  • Heinrich Rudolph Fiegenbaum & Elizabeth Ann Krümpel married on 28 January at Colesburg, Iowa, USA. This was Heinrich's 1st marriage.
  • Christina Elizabeth Fiegenbaum & Heinrich Wilhelm Katter married on 26 July in the Kingdom of Prussia.
  • 8th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 June. The population of 33 states was 31,443,321 (a 35.6% increase since 1850).The population of major cities: New York = 813,669; Philadelphia = 565,529; Brooklyn = 266,661; Baltimore = 212,418.
  • Garibaldi captured Sicily & Naples.
  • Abraham Lincoln was elected 16th U.S. President
  • Pony Express began overland mail service in USA between St. Joseph, Missouri & Sacramento, California - 1,900 miles.
  • Conrad Thoma, grandfather of Charlotte Caroline Christine Brockmeyer, was wounded on 21 July at the Battle of Bull Run in the U.S. Civil War.
  • Emancipation of Russian serfs.
  • Civil War began in USA.
  • Telegraph line opened between New York & San Francisco.
  • Louis T. S. Fiegenbaum & Luella Shumway married on 15 February at Auburn, Illinois, USA.
  • Bismarck became Prussian Prime Minister.
  • U.S. Congress authorized first federal bank notes ("greenbacks").
  • Homestead Act of 1862 became law in USA on 20 May. Successful applicants received freehold title to land, typically 160 acres, of undeveloped federal land west of the Mississippi River.
  • U.S. President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on 22 September.
  • At the end of November in Colorado territory, a village of Cheyennes and Araphos camped near Sand Creek was attacked by members of the territorial military. At least 150-200 villagers, mainly women & children, were massacred. Many bodies were mutilated & body parts were put on public display by the soldiers.
  • Der Deutsche Evangelische Kirchenverein des Westens (The German Evangelical Church Society of the West) became Die Deutsche Evangelische Synode des Westens (The German Evangelical Synod of the West).
  • Cholera epidemic struck many U.S. cities. At the height of the epidemic, about 200 people die each day at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Ernest Friedrich Wilhelm & Sophia Elisabeth (Berelmann) Fiegenbaum & five children, aged 15 years to 1 year of age, immigrated to the Empire of Brazil. The family settled in Linha Schmidt, a rural neighborhood in Colônia Teutônia, Rio Grande do Sul. Colônia Teutônia was established in 1858 by German immigrants from the region of Westphalia, Germany. Since 1996, the rural neighborhood is part of the town of Westfália.
  • Completion of U.S. transcontinental railroad celebrated at Promontory, Utah on 10 May.
  • The Suez Canal, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas, opened.
  • Louis Riel led the Red River Rebellion in Canada.
  • Wyoming Territory is the first political entity in the USA to allow women to vote.
  • 9th U.S. census was conducted. The population of 37 states was 38,558,371 (a 26.6% increase since 1860). The population of major cities: New York = 942,292; Philadelphia = 674,022; Brooklyn = 396,099; St. Louis = 310,864.
  • In USA, the National Weather Service issued its first weather forecast on 1 November. The forecast warned of a windy day in Chicago. Current forecasts remain just as accurate.
  • Franco-Prussian War began.
  • First Vatican Council promulgates the doctrine of papal infallibility.
  • In USA, John D. Rockefeller incorporated the Standard Oil Company. In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court declared it an "unreasonable monopoly."
  • German Evangelical Proseminary established at Elmhurst, Illinois, USA In 1919 the name was changed to Elmhurst Academy & Junior College. It is now known as Elmhurst College. Rev. J.W. Fiegenbaum taught at the college from 1954 to 1962.
  • "The Great Chicago Fire" burned 8-10 October; 4 square miles (10 square kilometers) of the city were destroyed.
  • Wilhelmine Christine Elizabeth Fiegenbaum & Matthew Sexauer married on 13 June at Ankeny, Iowa, USA.
  • U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signed legislation designating Yellowstone the first national park on 1 March.
  • U.S. General Amnesty Act of 1872 on 23 May pardoned most ex-Confederate soldiers.
  • Caroline Katherine "Carrie" Fiegenbaum & Johann Carl Conrad Steinmetz married on 30 October in Holt County, Missouri, USA.
  • Germany adopts the Mark as unit of currency.
  • Epidemics of yellow fever, cholera & smallpox in many southern U.S. cities.
  • In United States v. Cook, the Supreme Court ruled that Native American tribes must obtain permission from the U.S. government before cutting timber on tribal lands unless the cutting is meant to clear land for farming.
  • Frederick Adolph Fiegenbaum & Amelia Maria Kriege married on 27 March in Madison County, Illinios, USA. This was Frederick Adolph's 1st marriage.
  • Severe frost at Ladbergen, Germany destroyed potato crop.
  • Civil marriage became compulsory in Germany.
  • Wilhelmine Florentine Fiegenbaum & Heinrich Friedrich Christian Winter married on 27 August in Warren County, Missouri, USA. This was a 1st marriage for both. Following Wilhelmine Florentine's death, Heinrich Friedrich Christian Winter would marry her sister.
  • Religious orders were abolished in Prussia.
  • Matthew Webb was the first human to swim English Channel (21 hours, 45 minutes).
  • Katharine Adeline Henrietta Fiegenbaum & Wilhelm Heinrich Duesing married on 30 August at Waymansville, Indiana, USA.
  • Sioux & Cheyenne warriors defeated Lt. Colonel George A. Custer & the 7th U.S. Cavalry in June at the Battle of Little Bighorn River (know to Native Americans as the Battle of Greasy Grass).
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by "Mark Twain" (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was published.
  • Alexander G. Bell received a U.S. patented for the telephone. Cellular coverage was pathetic.
  • Colorado became the 38th state in the USA on 1 August.
  • Wilhelmine Louise Fiegenbaum & Hans Hermann August Starkebaum married on 9 March at Holstein, Missouri, USA. This was a 1st marriage for Wilhelmine Louise & a 2nd marriage for Hans Hermann August.
  • Die Deutsche Evangelische Synode des Westens (The German Evangelical Synod of the West) became Die Deutsche Evangelische Synode von Nord-Amerika (German Evangelical Synod of North America).
  • In March, St. Louis formally ceded from St. Louis County & became an independent city.
  • Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire.
  • Frozen meat was shipped from Argentina to Europe for the first time.
  • Thomas Edison demonstrated the phonograph at the offices of the "Scientific American" on 7 December.
  • Heinrich Rudolph Fiegenbaum & Maria Elisabeth Hellweg married on 27 January at Charles City, Iowa, USA. This was Heinrich's 2nd marriage.
  • Yellow fever epidemic killed about 14,000 in southern USA.
  • Great Britain & Afghanistan went to war.
  • Adolph Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Margaret McKee married on 11 July in Story County, Iowa, USA.
  • George Adolph Fiegenbaum & Anna Birdsall Bradrick married on 20 October at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA.
  • 10th U.S. census was conducted 1 June. Women were permitted to be enumerators for the first time. The population of 38 states was 50,189,209 (a 26% increase over 1870). The population of major cities: New York = 1,206,299; Philadelphia = 847,170; Brooklyn = 566,663; Chicago = 503,185.
  • Lydia Maria Fiegenbaum & Francis Irwin Howard married on 27 February at Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
  • Lizette Clara Fiegenbaum & Frederick Franklin Neudorff married on 14 September at St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
  • Poor harvest in Westphalia, Prussia brought famine.
  • Flogging was abolished in the British Army & Navy.
  • Booker T. Washington opened the Tuskegee Institute (today's Tuskegee University) on 4 July at Tuskegee, Alabama, USA.
  • Famous gunfight occurred in October at the OK Corral at Tombstone, Ariziona, USA. There are still questions about what really happened.
  • Edward William Fiegenbaum & Julia B. Gillespie married on 15 May in Madison County, Illinois, USA. This was Edward William's 1st marriage.
  • George Louis Gerber & Charlotte Elisabetha Etling married on 19 October at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act barred emigration from China to the USA for 10 years. The federal law was renewed in 1892 & made permanent in 1902. It was not repealed until 1943 by the Magnuson Act.
  • First Labor Day celebration held at New York City, USA.
  • Town of Elmhurst, Illinois, USA incorporated.
  • William Frederick Fiegenbaum & Emma Wilhelmina Louisa Duesing married on 21 February at Fairview, Kansas, USA.
  • Germany introduced sickness, accident & old age insurances.
  • U.S. reduced postal rate to 2¢ per half ounce.
  • Brooklyn Bridge opened in New York, USA on 24 May.
  • Amelia Bertha Fiegenbaum & Charles Frederic Blume married on 22 April at Galena, Illinois, USA.
  • Martha Lizette Fiegenbaum & Clay Hardin Lynch married on 20 May at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • Church at Holstein, Missouri, USA changed its name on 1 January to Deutsche Evangelische Immanuels Kirche (German Evangelical Immanuels Church). There was another name change in 1934.
  • Mark Twain published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
  • Christina Wilhelmina "Mina" Fiegenbaum & Thomas Curry married on 18 February at St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
  • Lydia Mary Fiegenbaum & Adolph Henry C. Jacoby married on 9 November in Christian County, Illinois, USA.
  • Louis Theodore Stephan Fiegenbaum & Luella May Shumway married about 1885 at Geneva, Nebraska, USA.
  • Louis Pasteur & Emile Roux developed the first rabies vaccination.
  • Washington Monument was dedicated at Washington, D.C. on 21 February (cornerstone had been laid on 4 July 1848). It will open in 1888.
  • Statue of Liberty arrived in July in New York harbor from France (dedication was on 28 October 1886).
  • Canadian Pacific Railroad completed.
  • Ernst Heinrich Fiegenbaum & Johanna Wilhelmine Maria Driemeyer married on 13 August at Teutônia, Rio Grande do Sul, Empire of Brazil.
  • Emma Maria Fiegenbaum & Jacob Miller married on 15 September at Eudora, Kansas, USA.
  • Haymarket Affair in Chicago, Illinois in May - civil unrest when police attempt to suppress protests of labor practices.
  • Emily Dickinson died at Amherst, Massachusetts, on 15 May.
  • Emma Lorena Fiegenbaum & John D. Allen married in September in the USA.
  • Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee.
  • Yellow River overflowed in Honan, China; 900,000+ dead.
  • Erwin Schrödinger was born (the cat came later).
  • Julius Henry Fiegenbaum & Sophia Elizabeth Pitts married on 11 September at Alton, Illinois, USA.
  • Theodore Johann Fiegenbaum & Nellie M. Erlenborn married on 11 September at Mendota, Illinois, USA.
  • In USA, the "Oklahoma Land Rush" began officially at noon, 22 April. Approximately 50,000 would-be settlers rushed to claim 1.92 million acres of land previously given to Native American peoples.
  • The USA admitted new states to the union: North & South Dakota on 2 November; Montana on 8 November; & Washington on 11 November.
  • Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil was deposed; a republic was declared. A new constitution was adopted in 1891 creating the Republic of the United States of Brazil / República dos Estados Unidos do Brasil.
  • Oscar Bernhardt Henry Fiegenbaum & Dora Fischer married on 17 August at Columbus, Indiana, USA. This was Oscar's 1st marriage.
  • Edward William Fiegenbaum & Mary Emma Springer married on 11 June in Madison County, Illinois, USA. This was Edward William's 2nd marriage.
  • Maria Charlotte Fiegenbaum & Heinrich Frederick Wilhelm Nolte married on 30 October at Mayview, Missouri, USA.
  • 11th U.S. census was conducted 1 June. The population of 42 states was 62,979,766 (a 25.5% increase over 1880). The population of major cities: New York = 1,515,301; Chicago = 1,099,850; Philadelphia = 1,046,964; Brooklyn = 806,343; St. Louis = 451,770. Almost all of this census was destroyed in 1921 by fire in the Commerce Building in Washington, D.C.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee was fought in December in South Dakota, USA.
  • Ladybugs were imported into U.S. to control cottony cushion scale insects.
  • How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis documented with photographs the horrible living conditions faced by immigrants living in New York City's tenements.
  • Wyoming & Idaho were admitted in July as the 43rd & 44th states of the USA.
  • Emelie Anna Maria Fiegenbaum & Johann Christian George Meyer married on 17 April at Old Fairview, Kansas, USA.
  • Cyclone strikes Kansas, USA - 31 die, 2 towns destroyed.
  • Boll weevils infest U.S. cotton fields.
  • Vacuum flask (thermos) was invented by Sir James Dewar.
  • Ellis Island Immigration Station began processing immigrants to the U.S. on 1 January.
  • Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum & Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum married on 19 October at Higginsville, Missouri, USA.
  • Benjamin Friedrich Fiegenbaum & Myrtle Maud Darling married on 20 December 1893 at Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
  • Fridtjof Nansen began northern polar circumnavigation in Fram (1893-1896).
  • World Columbian Exposition at Chicago, Illinois between 1 May 1 & 30 October attracted more than 25 million visitors.
  • On 20 September, the Duryea Brothers road-tested the first, American-made, gasoline-powered automobile at Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Ice hockey was introduced into U.S. from Canada at Yale & John Hopkins Universities.
  • Dvorak composed Symphony No.9 (From the New World ).
  • Charles Herman Fiegenbaum & Pauline Nehls married on 22 July at Platteville, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum & Lisete Florina Schröer married on 25 September in the Republic of the United States of Brazil. Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm had previously been married to Catharine Lisete Trennepohl in Brazil; details of that marriage are not known at this time.
  • Friedrich Hermann Adolph Fiegenbaum & Maria Friederieke Apwisch married on 8 March in Lafayette County, Missouri, USA.
  • Boer War began.
  • First Peace Conference was held at The Hague.
  • Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams. Life has been a nightmare ever since.
  • Adelaide Katherine Fiegenbaum & Fred J. Vetsch married on 14 March in Hancock County, Iowa, USA.
  • Heinrich F. Fiegenbaum & Nellie Blanche Montgomery married on 3 October at Oregon, Missouri, USA.
  • 12th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 June. The population of 45 states was 76,212,168 (a 21% increase over 1890). The population of major cities: New York = 3,437,202; Chicago = 1,698,575; Philadelphia = 1,293,697; St. Louis = 575,238; Boston = 560,892.
  • Life expectancy in U.S. was 48 years (males) & 51 years (females).
  • Boxer Uprising in China.
  • First test flight of the dirigible, Zeppelin.
  • World Exhibition in Paris.
  • Kodak introduced the "Brownie" camera in February.
  • Wilhelm Edward Fiegenbaum & Maude Mary Montgomery married on 8 October at Oregon, Missouri, USA.
  • Theodore Roosevelt became 26th U.S. President.
  • Marconi inaugurated wireless telegraphy.
  • Cause of yellow fever discovered.
  • U.S. military rule of Philippine Islands ended; a civil government was formed.
  • Hay-Pauncefote Treaty between U.S. and Britain allowed USA to build, operate & fortify a canal across the Isthmus of Panama. Did anyone ask the Panamanians?
  • William Theodore Fiegenbaum & Lydia A. Stolte married on 5 February at Edwarsville, Illinois, USA.
  • Minnie O. Fiegenbaum & Theodore C. Prott married on 12 March in Madison County, Illinois, USA.
  • Boer War ended; Orange Free State became a British Crown Colony. About 10,000 died in the fighting.
  • Langston Hughes was born on 1 February at Joplin, Missouri, USA.
  • Frederick Adolph Fiegenbaum & Fredericka Wilhelmine Sophia (Ashauer) Figge married on 3 January in Madison County, Illinios, USA. This was a 2nd marriage for both.
  • In January, the Hay-Herran Treaty granted the United States a renewable lease in perpetuity from Colombia on the land proposed for the Panama Canal.
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright took a short trip with their airplaine at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA, on 17 December. Their luggage was "misplaced."
  • In Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that as the U.S. Congress was the legal guardian of the Kiowa people, it had the right to decide matters with consultation of the Kiowa. The confiscation two years earlier of 2 million acres of tribal land was allowed to stand.
  • John Henry Francis Fiegenbaum & Friedericka Elsie "Frieda" Brockhoff married on 10 February at Jonesville, Indiana, USA.
  • Oscar Bernhardt Henry Fiegenbaum & Sophia Tellman married on 21 April in Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA. This was Oscar's 2nd marriage.
  • Russo-Japanese War began.
  • Baltimore, Maryland fire on 7 February destroyed 1,500 buildings in 30 hours.
  • First perfect major league baseball game in the "modern era" was pitched by Cy Young.
  • World Exhibition was held t St. Louis, Missouri.
  • New York cop arrested a woman for smoking a cigarette in public.
  • Elsie Arnbella Fiegenbaum & Aaron L. Eaton married on 25 January 1905 in Franklin County, Washington, USA.
  • Adeline Anna Sophia Fiegenbaum & Wilbur Henry Campsey married on 15 February 1905 at Fairview, Kansas, USA.
  • George Edward Fiegenbaum & Margaret Dippold married on 8 August at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • First neon lights sighted.
  • Novocain was introduced.
  • First direct blood transfusion.
  • Einstein published Special Theory of Relativity.
  • United States Forest Service was established on 1 February.
  • Martha Charlotte Fiegenbaum & Julius Simon Vahrenberg married in Lafayette County, Missouri, USA.
  • August Hermann Karl Fiegenbaum & Emma Johanna "Emma Jane" Apwisch married on 16 May in Missouri, USA. This was August's 1st marriage.
  • Zuider Zee drainage program began.
  • San Francisco was struck by an earthquake at 5:12 a.m. on 18 April.
  • Roald Amundsen traversed the Northwest Passage in Gjøa.
  • U.S. civil & women's rights leader Susan B. Anthony died on 31 March.
  • Friedricke Wilhelmine Fiegenbaum & Ernst C. Brinkmann married on 20 August in Missouri, USA.
  • Henry Ford began production in the U.S. of the Model T automobile. Initial cost of $850 dropped to $310 in 1926.
  • Sullivan Ordinance was passed in New York City, prohibiting women from smoking in pubic.
  • Bertha Fiegenbaum & Oscar L. Sooy married in Illinois, USA.
  • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded in February.
  • The U.S. Mint introduced the "Lincoln Head" penny, replacing the "Indian-head" penny.
  • 700,000 acres of government land in Washington, Montana, and Idaho, USA was opened for settlement.
  • David William Fiegenbaum & Rebecca Charlotte Springer married on 26 March at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • 13th U.S. census was conducted officially on 15 April. The population of 46 states was 92,228,496 (a 21% increase since 1900). The population of major cities: New York = 4,766,883; Chicago = 2,185,283; Philadelphia = 1,549,008; St. Louis = 687,029.
  • John A. "Jack" Johnson out-boxed James J. Jeffries; race riots broke out across USA.
  • First commercial air freight plane flight in USA - from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio.
  • Pneumonic plague in China, killed 40,000+.
  • Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) died on 21 April.
  • Dora Amelia Fiegenbaum & William F. Middendorf married on 17 April at Fairview, Kansas, USA.
  • HMS Titanic struck an iceberg on 14 April; 1,500+ lives lost.
  • In March, the world learned that on 14 December 1911 Raold Amundsen & his team were the first to reach the South Pole.
  • New Mexico & Arizona admitted as the 47th & 48th states of the USA.
  • Bread & Roses Strike at Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA after wages of textile workers are cut.
  • Boston Red Sox won World Series at the new Fenway Park.
  • James Francis "Jim" Thorpe, from Oklahoma's Sac & Fox Nation, won gold medals in the pentathlon & decathlon during the 1912 Olympic Games in Sweden.
  • Mabel Belle Fiegenbaum & John Trimpe married on 2 March at Fairview, Kansas, USA.
  • Grace Gertrude Fiegenbaum & George Wood Merwin Vinal married on 19 November at Washington, D.C.
  • Inez Maude Fiegenbaum & Arthur Ernest Ewing married in December in Nebraska, USA.
  • World learned that Scott & 4 other members of his team died in 1912 attempting to be the first to the South Pole.
  • Albert Schweitzer established a hospital at Lambaréné, French Equatorial Africa (now the Gabonese Republic).
  • Ford Motor Co. set up moving assembly line in USA. Workers received $5-per-hour minimum wage; 40-hour workweek.
  • 16th Amendment to U.S. Constitution established federal income tax.
  • 17th Amendment to U.S. Constitution established direct election of U.S. Senators.
  • California Alien Land Law of 1913 (also known as the Webb-Haney Act) prohibited "aliens ineligible for citizenship" from owning agricultural land or holding long-term leases for such land. Directed towards Japanese immigrants, it also affected immigrants from China, India & Korea. This & similar laws were not invalidated until 1952.
  • Charles Henry Fiegenbaum & Josephine Fern Barber married in Illinois, USA.
  • Rudolph Edward Dwight Fiegenbaum & Bertha Amanda Preas married on 17 January at Fruitvale, Oregon, USA.
  • Helen Mary Fiegenbaum & William Amos Sawtell married on 27 June at Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • The first official transit of the Panama Canal occurred in August. The 40 mile structure cost about $365 million.
  • World War I started between the Allies and Central Powers.
  • Ernest Schackleton led a British expedition to Antarctica.
  • The last known passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati (Ohio) Zoo.
  • Carl Frederich Fiegenbaum & Anna Rennetta Kruse married on 3 June at Hiawatha, Kansas, USA.
  • Martin Herman Fiegenbaum & Clara Louise Drewel married on 6 June at Lexington, Missouri, USA.
  • Clara Marguerite Fiegenbaum & Homer E. Lidster married on 4 June at Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • Balfour Declaration by Britain.
  • Russian Revolution.
  • On 6 April, USA declared war on Germany & entered World War I. Congress passed Selective Service Act, creating a military draft; canceled in November 1918.
  • Registered motor vehicles in U.S. numbered 4.8 million; 1.7 million cars built that year - avg. price = $750.
  • Emma Florentine Fiegenbaum & August Henry Begemann married on 6 March in Lafayette County, Missouri, USA.
  • Elsie Anna Dora Fiegenbaum & Ivan Ivory Cook married on 2 July at Columbus, Indian, USA.
  • Russian Civil War. Czar & family executed
  • World War I ended - 8.5 million dead, 21.2 million wounded, 7.75 million missing or POWs.
  • 1918 flu (Spanish Flu) pandemic, involving the H1N1 influenza virus, from June 1918 to December 1920; between 50 & 100 million died worldwide.
  • Eugene Adolph Gerber & Anna Charlotte Springmeyer married on 15 November at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • August Hermann Karl Fiegenbaum & Lydia Werges married on 3 December at Truxton, Missouri, USA. This was August's 2nd marriage..
  • Edna Fiegenbaum & Albert Ward McCally married on 25 December at Dayton, Ohio, USA.
  • League of Nations established.
  • Mussolini founded Italian Fascist party.
  • Austria abolished death penalty.
  • Weimar Republic established in Germany.
  • 18th Amendment to U.S. constitution was ratified on 16 January. The "Prohibition" of the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" in the United States went into effect on 17 January 1920 & would last until 1933.
  • Louis August Gerber & Charlotte Caroline Christine Brockmeyer married on 3 July at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum & Heinrich Friedrich Christian Winter married on 20 October in Missouri, USA. This was a 2nd marriage for both.
  • 14th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 January. The population of 48 states was 106,021,537 (a 15% increase over 1910). The population of major cities: New York = 5,620,048; Chicago = 2,701,705; Philadelphia = 1,823,779; Detroit = 993,078.
  • Kapp Putsch took place in Berlin.
  • Olympic Games held at Antwerp.
  • 19th Amendment to U.S. constitution was ratified on 18 August. It prohibited sex-based restrictions on voting.
  • Frances Louise Fiegenbaum & Rueben J. Claussen married on 12 July at Springfield, Nebraska, USA.
  • Race Riot took place at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Sacco & Vanzetti were convicted of murder in Massachusetts.
  • Emergency Quota Act in USA established national quotas limiting immigration.
  • USA formally ended World War I.
  • Hyperinflation was rampant in Germany.
  • Weimar Republic made first payment of WWI reparations.
  • Adolf Hitler became Führer of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi Party).
  • Bertha Clara Fiegenbaum & Harvey Pope Harris married on 15 November at Alton, Illinois, USA.
  • Roberta Grace Fiegenbaum & Clyde William Martin married on 2 June at Sidney, Iowa, USA.
  • Hitler's "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munich. 1 U.S. dollar = 4 million German Marks.
  • Martial law declared in Oklahoma, USA in response to Ku Klux Klan.
  • John Henry Fiegenbaum & Katherine Margarete Maun married on 14 May at Mayview, Missouri, USA.
  • Immigration Act of 1924 set racial quotas in US; restricted immigration of Southern & Eastern Europeans, & East Asians & Asian Indians.
  • Tornado in USA destroyed 35 towns in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky & Missouri; 800 dead, 3000 injured, 15,000 homeless.
  • Indian Citizenship Act (Snyder Act ), granting full U.S. citizenship to all Native Americans, was signed into law on 2 June.
  • Die Deutsche Evangelische Synode von Nord-Amerika (German Evangelical Synod of North America) became Evangelical Synod of North America.
  • In July, John Thomas Scopes was put on trial in Tennessee for teaching the theory of evolution in the schools of Dayton.
  • Dorothy Wilhelmina Fiegenbaum & George Onek married on 22 May at Atchison, Kansas, USA.
  • Frances Montgomery Fiegenbaum & Lloyd Frederick "Pop" Klein married on 3 August at Geneva, Nebraska, USA.
  • First flights by airship & plane over the North Pole.
  • Permanent wave, for hair styles, was invented.
  • Robert Goddard launched first liquid fueled rocket.
  • Ernest Hemingway published The Sun Also Rises.
  • A. A. Milne published the first stories about Winnie-the-Pooh.
  • Paul George Fiegenbaum & Birdie Marie Burwell married at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA. This was Paul's 1st marriage.
  • Elmer Henry Fiegenbaum & Erna J. Mulach married on 14 December at Worden, Illinois, USA.
  • 15th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 April. The population of 48 states was 123,202,624 (a 16.2% increas over 1920). The population of major cities: New York = 6,930,446; Chicago = 3,376,438; Philadelphia = 1,950,961; Detroit = 1,568,662.
  • Richard Drew, of 3M, invented "Scotch Tape."
  • Edwin Friedrich Fiegenbaum & Lucille Marie Caroline Rinne married on 31 January at Mayview, Missouri, USA.
  • Empire State Building completed at New York.
  • Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion.
  • German banks collapsed.
  • U.S. unemployment reached 20-25%.
  • Bruce Otto Fiegenbaum & Ruby Marguerite Sullins married on 4 June at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • Berniece Luetta Fiegenbaum & Gus Papados married on 29 August at St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. This was Berniece's 1st marriage.
  • Evangelical Synod of North America merged with the Reformed Church in the United States to become the Evangelical & Reformed Church.
  • On 26 June 1934, the church at Holstein, Missouri changed its name to Immanuels Evangelical & Reformed Church.
  • Eugene D. Fiegenbaum & Adele Rotter married on 21 May.
  • Julia Evans Fiegenbaum & John Aubrey Brockway married on 1 June at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • Norman Charles Fiegenbaum & Mary K. Fagg married on 20 July at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • Richard Frederick Fiegenbaum & Alvena Anna Bandermann married on 4 August at Mayview, Missouri, USA.
  • Elizabeth Jane "Libby" Fiegenbaum married Richard Stephen Rodems on 28 September at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • 16th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 April. The population of 48 states was 132,164,569 (a 7.3% increase over 1930). The population of major cities: New York = 7,454,995; Chicago = 3,396,808; Philadelphia = 1,931,334; Detroit = 1,623,452.
  • Cecil Frederich Fiegenbaum & LoRee Brock married on 3 July in Arizona, USA. This was Cecil's 1st marriage.
  • Rebecca Charlotte "Becky" Fiegenbaum & John Gilpin Allen married on 4 August at Edwardsville, Illinois, USA.
  • William Edward Fiegenbaum, II & Alice Louise Steffgen married on 15 November at Medford, Oregon, USA.
  • Siege of Leningrad lifted. Allies invaded Sicily; began round-the-clock bombing of Ruhr area of Germany.
  • Polio epidemic in USA killed 1,151.
  • Jacques Cousteau invented the aqualung.
  • Berniece Luetta (Fiegenbaum) Papados & Claude Francis Scott married on 1 June at St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. This was Berniece's 2nd marriage.
  • William Henry "Willie" Fiegenbaum & Anna Marie Koch married on 22 August in Lafayette County, Missouri, USA.
  • Mary Maxine Fiegenbaum & James H. Wilson married on 16 February at Hiawatha, Kansas, USA.
  • Charles Yeager broke the sound barrier on 14 October in the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1.
  • Cecil Frederich Fiegenbaum & Will Mason "Billie" Prince married on 11 December at Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. This was a 2nd marriage for both of them.
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell was published.
  • Dorothy Lorraine Fiegenbaum & Richard Quentin Riekhof married on 5 May at Mayview, Missouri, USA.
  • 17th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 April. The population of 48 states was 151,325,798 (a 14.5% increase over 1940) The population of major cities: New York = 7,891,957; Chicago = 3,620,962; Philadelphia = 2,071,605; Los Angeles = 1,970,358.
  • Town of Ladbergen, North Rhine-Westphalia, BRD celebrated its 1,000 year anniversary.
  • Paul George Fiegenbaum & Mary Gremlin married. This was Paul's 2nd marriage.
  • The first color television program in the USA was broadcast on 25 June.
  • J. W. Fiegenbaum & Dorothy May Gerber married on 8 June at Webster Groves, Missouri, USA.
  • Harlan Carl Fiegenbaum & Joanne Louise Meyer married on 14 June at Fairview, Kansas, USA.
  • In the USA, The Evangelical & Reformed Church & the Congregational Christian Churches merged to form the United Church of Christ.
  • The congregation at Holstein, Missouri changed its name to Immanuels United Church of Christ.
  • Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church at Mayview, Missouri changed its name to Zion United Church of Christ.
  • Alaska & Hawaii become the 49th & 50th states of the USA.
  • 18th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 April. The population of 50 states was 179,323,175 (a 18.5% increase over 1950) The population of major cities: New York = 7,781,984; Chicago = 3,550,404; Los Angeles = 2,479,015; Philadelphia = 2,002,512.
  • The Fiegenbaum-Gerber family, living at Montreal, Québec, attended Expo 67.
  • Creation of the Federative Republic of Brazil / República Federativa do Brasil (RFB)
  • On 12 June 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967), invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Several states maintained anti-miscegenation laws even though the Supreme Court decision rendered them unenforceable. The last of these state laws was removed by ballet initiative in 2000.
  • The World's Fair - Expo 67 - was held at Montreal, Québec, Canada. The U.S. pavilion was a geodesic dome - á la Buckminster Fuller.
  • 19th U.S. census was conducted officially on 1 April. The population of 50 states was 203,302,031 (a 13.4% increase over 1960) The population of major cities: New York = 7,894,862; Chicago = 3,366,957; Los Angeles = 2,816,061; Philadelphia = 1,948,609.


In addition to genealogical research into the Fiegenbaum and associated families and the titles found on the Resources page, the following sources have been used in the creation of this timeline: