Our Family History

Within these pages, you can learn a little of the genealogy of the Fiegenbaum family. The story, in its current form, began in the small village of Ladbergen, Germany in the late 1600s and is presently unfolding on three continents. An ever expanding number of people, living and dead, knowing and unknowing, are playing their parts in this tale.

We have included chapters on subjects that will help to place the bits and pieces of our family in the proper historical context. For the time being, these efforts reflect the current state of our research, and the bias of our own little branch of the whole tree. The facts presented here are one small effort to organize Time and Place in a very relative way. As our skills improve and the collection of data grows, we will expand our awareness and the scope of our story.

Northwest Germany and Ladbergen are an introduction to the region of Westphalia and to the small village where our family seems to have gotten its start.

To understand how our family made the move from one continent to another, read about Emigration to the New World.

America will tell you a little about what members of the family encountered when they left home for the United States. Most of the residents of Ladbergen who emigrated from Germany traveled to New Knoxville, Ohio, but the majority of our family members seem to have settled in Warren County, Missouri in the 1830s and 1840s. By the end of the century, descendants of these Fiegenbaums were scattered throughout the mid-West.

One branch of the family emigrated to Brazil. We know only a small bit of this story so far.

The Time Line is a simple, visual way to locate some of the events of the Fiegenbaum family history in a global context. What was happening the year Aunt Tillie was born? How many Fiegenbaums died as the Seven Years' War ravaged northern Europe?

It's not easy to say with a great deal of certainty just what Fiegenbaum might mean. The essay on Our Name is our best attempt at an explanation. You can also learn a little about the logo that we use throughout the web site.

Are you wondering if your family is part of the Fiegenbaums or vice versa? We can't even begin to answer that question. However, the list of Surnames might help you decide if we at least crossed paths. The list is not exhaustive, but as I was typing it I do recall thinking it seemed rather long.

Our genealogical Database is fully searchable and it will give you access to all of the given names, surnames and genealogical facts for everyone we know about. Please note, that for reasons of privacy, some details for persons who are, or may be, still living are not available to the public. Except for that restriction, everything we know is available to you. You may freely incorporate any information into your own research if you find it appropriate.

If you are curious to know what some of us have looked like, take a peek at the selection of family Photos. There are also some family Documents you can browse. The section on Burials shows were some of our family members are buried. Our collection of Maps may help you navigate through the geography of our story.

We have made use of a great many Resources in learning about our family and the times in which it has lived. Not all of these exist on the Internet. Perhaps you will find this list helpful as a starting place for your own research.

A great many people have worked very hard to assemble the information presented in the pages that follow and we have attempted to acknowledge the dedication and generosity of these Contributors. We apologize for those we have overlooked and ask you to please bring any oversights to our attention.

We should conclude with one last caveat. This Web site has been built and is maintained by part-time and amateur computer users and genealogists. We hope the quality of our work will not reveal too much of our inexperience and that you will have patience with our efforts to keep these pages accurate and current. A web as metaphor for cyberspace and genealogy is not lost on us. We are taking care not to become entangled in either.

If you care to comment, offer helpful suggestions, share additional information or submit corrections, please read About Our Project and Contact Us. We'd be glad to hear from you and will respond as soon as we are able.

We hope what you find here is both helpful and fun.